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Baroque Works for Violin

Reiter/Bigwood: Baroque Violin Anthology The second volume of the four-volume series contains 36 pieces for violinists with 3-4 years of playing experience. These pieces include works by well-known composers like Bach or Handel as well as by lesser known composers from the Baroque era. With ...



For Horn

Concert Favourites - For horn and piano - This volume contains well-known pieces, songs and arias of well-known composers which are suitable as encores but also for the concert programme. The selected pieces tailored to the instrument range from Bach to Saint-Saëns.   ...



Film Melodies

Schädlich: Movie Classics Since the early days of the history of cinema, there have always been unforgettable film melodies, like those from 'Godfather' or 'Dirty Dancing' for example: In the new volume of the Schott Trumpet Lounge series, Martin Schädlich presents well-known and ...



Christmas Gospel Hymns

Rieger: Christmas Gospel Hymns Gospels and sacred hymns are very popular, especially at Christmas time, because of their emotional contents and melodies. This edition is a collection of the most beautiful Christmas gospel hymns in easy to intermediate arrangements in pop and swing ...



Now available from WERGO

Kurt Schwitters: Ursonate - und andere Konsequente Dichtung - Kurt Schwitters’ “ Sonate in Urlauten” [Sonata in Primal Sounds] is the prototypical work at the border between speech and music. The concise title of the work alone forges a suggestive link between language material ...



A special performance piece

Ibrahim: African Song - For cello and piano - Abdullah Ibrahim aka 'Dollar Brand' is one of the true jazz greats. His cycle 'African Songs' celebrates the unmistakable atmosphere and cheerfulness of African music. This arrangement for cello and piano is a rather special ...




Kember/Tate-Lovery: Trombone Sight-Reading - Over 200 pieces for trombone - This collection presents over 200 carefully graded sight-reading pieces and exercises in a range of musical styles, for solo Trombone. Taking an approach based on self-learning, the 11 sections of ...



Flutteringly beautiful!

Eötvös: Dances of the Brush-Footed Butterfly - For piano - The dance of the butterflies: The delicate, beautiful butterflies move in a very special way. Eötvös transfers their miniature dances directly onto to the keyboard, sending greetings from his garden. Beautiful music, ...




Say: Dance - For piano - 'Dance' is a highly virtuoso piano piece, a passionate and ecstatic dervishes whirl. Alternating metres and rhythmic elements refer to traditional Turkish rhythms. High dynamic variability and changes in register are combined with melodic elements ...



Gems for 2 violins

Mohrs: Duo-Schatzkiste - Original works from the Renaissance to the Romantic era - The volume contains original compositions from the Baroque to the modern eras, lesser known and well-known pieces, rather easy as well as demanding works. The pieces train the player's sense ...


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