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Calm and cheerful

Hindemith: Symphonia Serena - Study score - Hindemith's 'Symphonia Serena' was written in 1946, i.e. right after the end of the Second World War. It is one of Hindemith's most appealing works which, as the title suggests, conveys a cheerful, relaxed mood.     ...



Rocking and soulful

Juchem: Rock Ballads - For tenor saxophone and piano - Rock ballads are generally among the most successful and most popular pieces in music. With this new volume in the popular Schott Saxophone Lounge series, the successful author Dirko Juchem proves that these pieces are ...



En route to become a violin virtuoso

Mollenhauer: The Boy Paganini - Fantasy for Violin and Piano - With this book, the German-American composer Edward Mollenhauer has secured a permanent place in recitals. Of moderate difficulty, the piece is a fireworks of beautiful melodies and brilliant idiomatic figurations ...



Continuation of the Complete Edition

Schoenberg: Bearbeitungen und Gelegenheitswerke für Kammerorchester - Critical report, sketches, genesis and history of the work, documents, early pieces - The fact that Schoenberg ushered in a fundamental change of the musical view of the world is undisputed. This volume ...



Moving sounds

Hindemith: Trauermusik - for violoncello and organ - The last movement of this possibly most beautiful piece by Hindemith is a chorale. So the obvious thing to do is to publish a version for string instrument plus organ. Now, this funeral music can also be performed in the ...




Rosenblatt: If Scarlatti could swing - 2 Sonatas für piano - Rosenblatt makes Scarlatti swing: phrasings, rhythms and the one-movement sonata form of Scarlatti are combined with rhythms, melodic lines and a bit of swing from jazz music. An unexpected mixture of highly virtuoso ...




Ludwig: Lisboa - For string quartet - The Bavarian all-rounder Peter Ludwig not only writes film music, chansons, chamber music and piano music, but also – and especially – beautiful, inspired tangos which close the gap between South America and Europe.     ...



Another volume of the Schumann Complete Edition

Schumann: Ouvertüren - Piano score - The Robert Schumann Edition (RSA) is further completed by the piano scores of Schumann's Overtures for piano solo and piano duet. The goal of the edition is to reproduce authentic work texts which shall come as close to the intended originals ...



Now available from WERGO

Quintets & Solos - Works by Toshio Hosokawa - “Music is calligraphy using sounds painted on the canvas of silence.” Toshio Hosokawa’s idea demonstrates his engagement with Far Eastern calligraphy as the most prominent connection between his compositional esthetic and ...



Rota for choir

Rota: Tre Motetti - Choral score for mixed choir - In addition to his world-famous film scores ('Godfather', 'La dolce vita'), Nino Rota also composed chamber and vocal music, with choral music playing a prominent role. The three choral pieces selected for this edition show ...


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