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Famous Rock Classics

Carsten Gerlitz: Rock Ballads Sheet music for piano 'I Can't Get No Satisfaction' - the rock music was officially born when this worldwide smash hit of the Rolling Stones was released, and began its loud and relentless triumphant progress through the clubs and stadiums of the world. The ...



The Wide Variety of Piano Sounds

Carl Czerny: School of Legato and Staccato Sheet music for piano 'About the wide variety of piano sounds' - this is how the content of this volume could be summarised. For Czerny's 'School of Legato and Staccato' provides much more than technical exercises for the improvement of the fingers' ...



Christmas Carol for Her Majesty the Queen - Choir Music from Sir Peter Maxwell Davies

Sir Peter Maxwell Davies: Carol: Kings and Shepherds Sheet music for mixed choir As Master of the Queens Music, Sir Peter Maxwell Davies has written a new carol for Her Majesty the Queen each Christmas since his appointment began in 2004. Kings and Shepherds is the fourth and like An ...



A Collection for Lessons and Concerts.

Barbara Heller: Musical Flowers Sheet music for flute and piano - Sheet music for violin and piano The edition 'Klangblumen' by Barbara Heller (originally for piano , ED 20374) is now available as edition for flute and as edition for violin. Each of these pieces has a particular focus, ...



16 Famous Pop Ballads for Saxophone

Dirko Juchem: Pop Ballads Sheet music for alto saxophone 'Pop Ballads' continues our new Schott Saxophone Lounge series which is aimed at every sax player looking for new playable arrangements. Our successful author Dirko Juchem ('Saxophon Spielen - Mein schönstes Hobby') has arranged ...



A Must for Any Clarinettist!

Mauz: Step by step Sheet music for clarinet This volume contains more than 100 exercises and studies providing clarinettists with the opportunity to work systematically on the most important aspects of clarinet playing: articulation and phrasing, dexterity of fingers, sound control ...



May I have the next dance?

Giacomo Puccini: Piccolo Tango Sheet music for piano     A tango written by Giacomo Puccini? Indeed! In 1942 'Piccolo Tango' by the Italian opera composer was published by an American music publisher. The question as to whether it was actually composed by Puccini has not been confirmed - ...



Haydn Year 2009: New Edition of Haydn's Sonatas for Piano

Joseph Haydn: Complete Piano Sonatas Sheet music When Christa Landon first presented her edition of Haydn’s sonatas for piano in print, Haydn’s sonatas were totally eclipsed by the sonatas by Mozart and Beethoven. However, nowadays Haydn’s sonatas have escaped the niche of the piano school ...



Standard Teaching Literature

Giuseppe Gariboldi: First Exercises Sheet music for flute The Italian flute virtuoso Giuseppe Gariboldi (1833-1905) wrote numerous studies for the flute which are among today's standard teaching literature. Starting with easy melodic tonal studies, the exercises in this edition gradually ...



Curtain up on the new 'Stars & Hits' songbook series!

The issues of the series "Stars & Hits" contain only the biggest smash hits, these are the ultimate collections for all pianists, singers and guitarists. The first two issues have now been released:   Jazz and ...


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