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Vienna Chamber Music

Fritz Kreisler: Marche miniature viennoise - Sheet music for string trio - Kreisler's original compositions are lovely miniatures, lively and catchy, with a touch of melancholy - yet full of charm and elegance. Arranged for string trio, they are enjoyable to play, worth ...



Piano Classics

Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy: Songs Without Words - Sheet music for piano - This issue contains a selection of titles from Mendelssohn’s "Songs Without Words". The selection is particularly suitable for piano lessons. The edition is part of the "Schott ...



Spanish Guitar

Narciso Yepes: The Finest Pieces from his Repertoire - Sheet music for guitar - The Spanish guitarist Narciso Yepes (1927-1997) was one of the great masters of his instrument and was regarded as the greatest guitarist of Spain, apart from Andrés Segovia and Emilio ...



Young Pianists On a Trip Around the World

Monika Twelsiek (Ed.): Musical Journey Around the World - Sheet music for piano - In her new volume of the Piano Pictures series, Monika Twelsiek takes young pianists on a trip around the world. Starting from Germany, she goes to Austria and Italy. Africa ...



Play Along With 12 Romantic Masterpieces

Romantic Play-Along Sheet music for flute, saxophone, clarinet, trumpet or violin Bring the music of the Romantic era to life! The issues of this series contain themes from the greatest composers of the Romantic era presented in authentic arrangements for various instruments. ...



New Study Scores - Tchaikovsky's "Andante cantabile" and "Nocturne"

This March we proudly present you with two new study scores of Tchaikovsky's work. Peter Iljitsch Tchaikovsky: Andante cantabile - Study score - This little lyrical and sumptuous gem is based on the famous 2nd movement of his String Quartet No. 1 in D major Op. 11. The ...



59 Great Spirituals and Gospels In Easy Arrangements

Carsten Gerlitz (Arrangement): Best of Spirituals & Gospel Package - piano and melody edition An anthology of some of the most beautiful and most popular tunes in this genre in new and fresh arrangements, all with easy piano accompaniment. The separate ...



Carl Maria von Weber - Complete Edition

Carl Maria von Weber: Insertions for other Composer's Operas and Singspiele, Concert-Arias and Duet with Orchestra - Sheet music and critial commentary - Since the German re-unification both working-parties concerned – at the Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin, and at the Musikwissenschaftliches ...



Schumann Year 2010 - Valuable Addition To The Repertoire

Robert Schumann: Quartet C minor - Sheet music for violin, viola, cello and piano - Schumann's early piano quartet composed in 1829 has not yet found its way into the concert repertoire, although it would be well-earned. This is due to the fact that the work has only been available ...



New Choir Music

Krzysztof Penderecki: Sanctus und Benedictus Sheet music for choir Apart from operas, symphonies and chamber music, Penderecki has also written numerous compositions for the human voice - solo or groups - paying as much attention to large-scale oratorical works as to smaller ...


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