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Christmas Music for Lessons, Concerts or at Home

Uwe Korn (Arr.): Alle Jahre wieder Sheet music for recorder, flute or violin Christmas is the time of music, the time of playing together in different ensembles. The current volume contains the most beautiful and best-known German and international Christmas carols with an easily ...



Musical Journey Around The World

Monika Twelsiek: Travel Pictures Sheet music for piano The present collection of piano pieces invites the musician on a journey - of the mind. Images described by the music emerge like musical picture postcards: Songs, dances, atmospheres, portraits stir up longings and memories. ...



Easy Guitar Pieces For the First Concert

Peter Ansorge / Bruno Szordikowski (Ed.): My First Concert Sheet music for guitar To every young musician, their first concert is a special experience. It motivates them to study the instrument and its music even harder. A suitable selection of technically and musically manageable ...



Appealing Ave Setting

Camille Saint-Saëns: Ave verum Sheet music for choir There are very few composers who have left such a comprehensive oeuvre covering all genres as Camille Saint-Saëns. His vocal music, however, has rather fallen into oblivion - if one leaves aside his 'indestructible' Christmas ...



Sight-Reading Skills for Guitarists

Martin Beech / John Kember: Guitar Sight-Reading - Vol. 2 Sheet music for guitar 'Guitar Sight-Reading 2' aims to build on the sight-reading skills learnt in book 1 and provides a wealth of more challenging examples so that the pupil may gain even greater confidence when approaching ...



Warm-Ups, Technical Training and Studies for Trumpeters

Ferenc Aszodi: Intensive Trumpet Technique Sheet music for trumpet Most trumpet players blow downward a bit too much; as a consequence, the pressure point lies on the lower lip. The result: a thick, dull tone without treble and smoothness. The present technical exercises help to shift ...



Chamber Music in New Arrangement

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: Divertimento Nr. 3 arranged by Siegfried Schwab Sheet music for flute, clarinet in Bb (cor anglais, viola) and guitar Even in the days of Mozart, musicians liked to experiment with instrumental orchestration. Siegfried Schwab used this approach to arrange ...



For Your Choir Repertoire

Paul Hindemith: Drei Volkslieder Sheet music for mixed choir All settings are contrapuntal studies from Hindemith's own composition lessons of the years 1912-14. Notated in 'old clefs', these charming three-part miniatures for two female voices and one male voice have been difficult to ...



Famous Rock Classics

Carsten Gerlitz: Rock Ballads Sheet music for piano 'I Can't Get No Satisfaction' - the rock music was officially born when this worldwide smash hit of the Rolling Stones was released, and began its loud and relentless triumphant progress through the clubs and stadiums of the world. The ...



The Wide Variety of Piano Sounds

Carl Czerny: School of Legato and Staccato Sheet music for piano 'About the wide variety of piano sounds' - this is how the content of this volume could be summarised. For Czerny's 'School of Legato and Staccato' provides much more than technical exercises for the improvement of the fingers' ...


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