Belo Horizonte: 10 Concert Pieces for Guitar

Siegfried Schwab, Andreas Knoblich

Belo Horzonte, “Beautiful Horizon” is a guitar playbook for finger stylists and classical guitarists full of gorgeous sounding ballads and Bossa Novas, Among well-known pieces like “ Belo Horizonte” and “Ballade für Anna” (ballad fir Anna) from the German TV series “Anna” you will find numerous highlights – some melodic and melancholic, some based on jazz and full of tension.

To ease up the access to the pieces the authors have built rhythmic patterns which train the picking hand. Audio examples of the 10 pieces for one or two guitars can be streamed free of charge on the Schott Website.



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Composers News

schott aktuell - the journal 5/2014: BALLET TODAY

Welcome to our ballet issue! This autumn sees the première of two major ballet scores by Gavin Bryars who, in addition to his pieces for the concert and operatic stage, has built a highly-acclaimed body of work in the field of dance over the last 25 years.

Highlights of Bryars’ ballet repertoire include the classic BIPED which he created with Merce Cunningham, and an ongoing series of pieces with the Canadian choreographer Édouard Lock. Bryars’ premières this autumn are Peer Gynt with Gregor Zöllig at the Theater Bielefeld, and 11th Floor with Édouard Lock for Cullberg Ballet. The first piece takes its inspiration from Edvard Grieg’s incidental music from the Henrik Ibsen play, while the second evokes the sounds and imagery of 1940s and 1950s American 'film noir'.

Schott Music does, of course, have a long history in the world of ballet, having published Igor Stravinsky’s L’Oiseau de feu, Jeu de cartes and Scènes de Ballet, as well as, among others, Hans Werner Henze’s masterpieces for the ballet stage. Collaborating with dance companies and choreographers can create powerful and exciting artistic possibilities for composers, and is a fantastic way to bring the music of today to new audiences. Here at Schott we support this kind of collaboration whole-heartedly.

- from the editorial by Sam Rigby, Schott Music London


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