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Vetter, Michael

Michael Vetter, born in Oberstdorf in the Allgäu region of Germany in 1943, was a musician, painter, writer, and composer. His interest is in using different media (language, painting, photography, theatre, music) for the realisation of what he refers to as "Transverbal": Language is movement is music. A particular role was assigned to the voice, being the organ which, by interacting with the ear, musically interprets and considers movement in a most spontaneous, most abstract, most concrete and at the same most differentiated way. He gained worldwide fame for his art of overtone singing and experimental vocal improvisations.

Vetter died in Munich on 7 December 2013.


 Overtones in old European Cathedrals Thoronet • CD

 Zen - Koto • CD

 Zen - Gong • CD

 Music & Graphic - Organ Improvisations • CD

 Om - Method of Overtone Singing • 3 CDs